A company made by Me.
Just for you
Because a screenshot is the most secure and relyable way to verify if a Organisation exists.
Only if that screenshot comes from the Organisation email.
Don't worry we will keep all interactions after this civil.

What We Do

We lay out he framework for those who wish to have their projects kept secret. Projects that are so top secret they appear to be fake at first glance. It is that fake look that keep unwanted attention away from the secret projects.

Project Analysis

We will examine the project to determin the amount of fake we can inject into it.

Fast Support

Our award winning support team are ready and willing to assist you with any fake inection problems you may have.

Top Security

We employ tomorrows toughest standards in security to ensure the fake is maintained.

Social Work

If anyone posts anything about any project that has been injected with fake into social media. It will automaticly shun the fake for a brief period of time. And afterward return to being fake.


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Contact Us

Here are some boxes that you could put your very personal information into. Don't worry they don't work because its so top secret.